PNW Door

For this week’s Thursday Door I present a typical, somewhat-posh-but-not-overly-so, homey and welcoming Pacific Northwest door:


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A Truck Door is a Door, Right?

Here’s the thing: I’ve run out of doors in my little photo archive. My trip to Portugal, a veritable gold mine of doors, is already long ago, and frankly, my hometown is not architecturally door-rich.

But I wanted to share in this week’s fun, so I got out from behind my desk and pounded the nearby pavement, looking for something worthy….

I found this, and submit it with a bit of a cringe….it’s a stretch, but hey! it’s cool…


I don’t know whose truck this is, but it’s usually parked in this spot. The back of the truck is sometimes full, really FULL of stuff ~ packaged food, kitchen items, clothes, you-name-it.  It’s the freebox with the most style ~ take what you need, leave what you can/don’t need, and share. Today, the back was very slim pickins…but neat truck, right? I mean…door!

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Door Expressions

For this week’s Norm’s Thursday Doors, I picked this neighborhood door with a lot to say:


Sorry about the poor focus ~ I took it too quick and didn’t give my phone time to get a grip. Some doors I feel great about snapping, and others I feel almost intrusive. Despite all the messages displayed, I got the feeling these folks didn’t want loiterers….or photographers!

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Art & Doors

For Thursday Doors I’m taking my cue from Norm’s theme this week – street art doors. I too am a big fan of street art, and luckily I found a door within a piece I’d photographed last year in Lisbon:


I’m sorry to say I don’t have the artist’s name for this piece – if you know, please let me know!

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Winter Door

It’s January, and here in the northwest US that means dark, cold, grey, wet and foggy. Seriously, it’s not a winter vacation destination. It’s a hibernation, procrastination kind of season and this door is a fine example:


Around here holiday decor often remains well beyond the season, but the sentiment is lovely, so who cares? Tomorrow, honey, I’ll take it down tomorrow. Or maybe in April, okay?

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Door Access

Today, for the Thursday Door series, Norm posted some fantastic Montreal doors along with their unusual ingress (check them out here) ~

I immediately thought of this photo from Sintra, Portugal:


Such a dramatic difference from the delicate iron spirals Norm featured, eh? Yet still echoing the odd ways people change up a building…somewhere an architect is groaning.