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A Truck Door is a Door, Right?

Here’s the thing: I’ve run out of doors in my little photo archive. My trip to Portugal, a veritable gold mine of doors, is already long ago, and frankly, my hometown is not architecturally door-rich.

But I wanted to share in this week’s fun, so I got out from behind my desk and pounded the nearby pavement, looking for something worthy….

I found this, and submit it with a bit of a cringe….it’s a stretch, but hey! it’s cool…


I don’t know whose truck this is, but it’s usually parked in this spot. The back of the truck is sometimes full, really FULL of stuff ~ packaged food, kitchen items, clothes, you-name-it.  It’s the freebox with the most style ~ take what you need, leave what you can/don’t need, and share. Today, the back was very slim pickins…but neat truck, right? I mean…door!

I’ve distracted the door-lovers enough ~ for some fantastic, and proper doors, click here for Norm’s Thursday door series.



The Changing Seasons: February

February has been a real roller coaster of a month for me. A family medical emergency (everyone’s ok now) threw me off and my blog has been sorely neglected. Luckily, earlier in the month a break in the usual February rain inspired me to get out to Silver Creek Falls. Ten waterfalls of various heights are scattered along multiple trails, but I think I only made it to nine. Yes, I pooped out.

I took a lot of photos, but these are my favorite from that hike. The winter sun barely reached into the narrow valley. The mist and water joined with the slanting light in so many beautiful ways…


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Thanksgiving Holiday 2.0

A November day in Laguna Beach…..


My collection of photos is very slim from this day in Laguna, so you’ll have to take my word for it ~ Laguna would be a great vacation destination. Rent an apartment or hotel room for days on end. You won’t be disappointed: art, ocean, hiking, kayaking, dining, shopping & fantastic people watching!

It’s very walkable, so park your car & leave it….traffic is a drag.

But rest assured ~ your car will have a great view too:


Happy Places

When I respond to the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge, I usually try to find just one image. But for today’s theme, “Happy Place,” a gallery is more appropriate. My happy place is not one particular place, but the feeling of movement between places: departures, arrivals, explorations:

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In the Details


Two mismatched nails nestled in an abandoned papasan chair.

Taken while walking the neighborhood and experimenting with new camera app on my phone. Viewed on the phone this image is much sharper, but it seems that the app quality doesn’t translate to full screen….shame, that.