Always Be Prepared


Because you never know when your bike might need a few spare parts…


Worth the Extra Effort

My Oregon coast trip story continues ~

In our last episode, the sun set and the ocean lulled us to sleep. After a long lazy breakfast and an equally long lazy soak in the hot tub, check-out time arrived. Next stop: Cascade Head – a beautiful bulge of land rising up from the edge of the state and lording it over the ocean. Easy drive, just 10 miles from Lincoln City & the hotel. What was unclear is the utter lack of any sign whatsoever when you reach the area.

entrance to Cascade Head…how could I have missed it?
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Bathroom Break

I went to the Oregon coast this weekend…more to come about that.

But first: while dining at the restaurant at the Inn at Spanish Head in Lincoln City, I went to the women’s bathroom:


This has got to be the best bathroom view on the planet! Holy crap!