A Truck Door is a Door, Right?

Here’s the thing: I’ve run out of doors in my little photo archive. My trip to Portugal, a veritable gold mine of doors, is already long ago, and frankly, my hometown is not architecturally door-rich.

But I wanted to share in this week’s fun, so I got out from behind my desk and pounded the nearby pavement, looking for something worthy….

I found this, and submit it with a bit of a cringe….it’s a stretch, but hey! it’s cool…


I don’t know whose truck this is, but it’s usually parked in this spot. The back of the truck is sometimes full, really FULL of stuff ~ packaged food, kitchen items, clothes, you-name-it.  It’s the freebox with the most style ~ take what you need, leave what you can/don’t need, and share. Today, the back was very slim pickins…but neat truck, right? I mean…door!

I’ve distracted the door-lovers enough ~ for some fantastic, and proper doors, click here for Norm’s Thursday door series.




WPC: One Love


Summertime – I’m walking to work. Gardeners are watering early in the morning preparing for a scorching day, sprinklers jetting, hoses dribbling.

I’m deep in thought – mulling over life, the universe, and yes, love. The thoughts drift and coalesce into a certainty of my interconnection with all of life and a bone-deep feeling of love.

And I see, just ahead of me, the sprinkler patterns have crossed and skipped to form this brief message of universal agreement.

I laugh, cry and take a picture…

And then blog about it, of course.

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Think of the stories this post could tell. Years of announcements ~ someone’s first time on stage at the local theater, the unexpected revival of a local band, the beloved lost cat later found, roommates seeking, bicycles stolen…


Time passes. The staples and tacks remain silent.

Open Doors


As the old year ends and the new one begins, I think of all the new experiences I was blessed (or cursed) to have in 2015…so much beauty, so much fear, joy & sadness. 2015 was fully lived, I think.

And that’s the goal, for me.

This door obviously did not begin life as a door. Part of the Alfama Patio Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal, it’s the only way to get to the rooms upstairs (from registration out to the garden patio, up the outside stairs, and across the roof patio). This old building, part of the first Portuguese University established in 1290, is full of quirks as you might imagine. Highly recommended, but drop any expectations of luxury.

May you and your new year be inspired by this door: wide open, ready to be reinvented yet persevering through all the changes swirling around, useful, quirky and beloved.

Thank you, Norm, for continuing to host our Door party! To see more responses to Norm’s Thursday Doors, click here.

And here’s to fully living in 2016 ~ Cheers!


Connected to Nature

There is something about sitting on the beach, contemplating the open horizon while digging my feet into the sand that makes me feel most connected to Nature. It is in those moments that I most understand my place on the planet, the little dot that is me in this huge, shifting and breathing world. In it, of it, inextricably part of it, yet tiny.


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