Andalucía #FridayFiveChallenge

For months I have been enjoying the Friday Five Challenge from Rosie Amber via Barb Taub, and this week I thought I’d join in…

The challenge is to take only five minutes to browse an unfamiliar category on any online book supplier and choose a book based solely on the art.

With a trip to Spain coming up in April, I’m obsessing on all things Spanish. So my search this week was on Andalucía. Continue reading “Andalucía #FridayFiveChallenge”

In the Details


Two mismatched nails nestled in an abandoned papasan chair.

Taken while walking the neighborhood and experimenting with new camera app on my phone. Viewed on the phone this image is much sharper, but it seems that the app quality doesn’t translate to full screen….shame, that.

Bathroom Break

I went to the Oregon coast this weekend…more to come about that.

But first: while dining at the restaurant at the Inn at Spanish Head in Lincoln City, I went to the women’s bathroom:


This has got to be the best bathroom view on the planet! Holy crap!

Tiny Things

I read a post by Lucile de Godoy yesterday (see it here) and she mentioned an app for her iphone that allowed her to shoot macro. I love capturing little things and have often been frustrated by my iphone, so I immediately got the app: camera+

Here’s one of my first attempts at using it:


It’s challenging to hold the phone steady – a small movement of my hand causes a large shift when trying to focus on such small things. But I love it!



Today’s Daily Post Photo Challenge theme “Beneath Your Feet” immediately brought this to mind. Yes, this is a terrible photo. Nevermind that, the reality it shows was the interesting thing.

While wandering in H&M in Lisbon (why was I wandering in H&M? Who knows?) I happened to look down. Below the plexiglass floor are Roman ruins. I was so boggled I took a couple of snapshots, and as I was doing it other people started looking down and exclaiming.

Best thing in H&M.

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