Beyond the Knob

To get through a door there must be something to grip….but these go beyond the knob and well into the realm of art:


In response to Norm’s Thursday Door series…to see more responses, click here.


Door Access

Today, for the Thursday Door series, Norm posted some fantastic Montreal doors along with their unusual ingress (check them out here) ~

I immediately thought of this photo from Sintra, Portugal:


Such a dramatic difference from the delicate iron spirals Norm featured, eh? Yet still echoing the odd ways people change up a building…somewhere an architect is groaning.



In response to today’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Ornate ~


It was hard to choose just one photo from the Quinta da Reguleira in Sintra, Portugal. Owner Monteiro worked with architect Luigi Manini to create this fantastic estate. And by “fantastic” I mean truly fanciful and eccentric. In their desire to incorporate esoteric symbolism everywhere most structures, inside and out, are ornate. (see my previous ornate door post here)

I’m thinking this fireplace would have functioned just as well with a simpler mantle, but why stop there? The entire room must have been fascinating flickering in the firelight on a cold winter night.

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Fairy Tale Door


For this week’s Thursday Doors, I’ve picked a door from Sintra, Portugal. Apparently Hans Christian Anderson lived here while traveling in Portugal in 1866.

Someday when I become a famous blogger/writer there will be a plaque at the Moon Hill Hostel that will say:

“Nesta hostel viveu Freshpaula quando da sua viagem a Portugal em 2015”

Well….a girl can dream, eh?

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Garden “Door”

Inspired by Norm’s garden shed door this week, I chose this door from the Quinta da Regaleira garden.


Okay, it’s more of a gate than a door, but it still counts, right? You can see a bit of the azulejo mural on the back wall of the little alcove just inside the gate.

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Thursday Doors

This Thursday Door comes from Portugal, again. Yes, I know, I share a lot of those. But it’s where I began my obsession with photographing doors, and I have a lot of them in my collection. This one was on a steep street on the edges of Sintra.


I love not only the weathered aspect of the door itself, but of the entire wall.

Folly Door

My response this week to Norm’s Thursday Doors is this door from the park at Monserrate Palace, just outside Sintra, Portugal. Wandering the gardens I stumbled upon these “ruins,” impressed until I realized that they were built like that. (Actually I was impressed anyway, because how cool to have your own ruins in your big garden?) Building fake ruins in the garden was quite the thing, back in the day (18th century) but the home is, I believe, a 19th century home. So I guess the folly of follies continued for quite some time.


So, technically, this isn’t a “door” but a “doorway” but hopefully it still qualifies for the Thursday Door, right Norm?

Love this stuff!