WPC: Landscape

In response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge….the landscape of vacation.


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WPC: Fire Dance

I really had to dig to find an entry for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Dance…Sure, I had a few snapshots that included people dancing, but those were generally blurry and awkward.

Then I found these:

From a memorial gathering fire from, wow, already 4 years ago. Time flies faster than the dancing sparks…Around here there’s a lot of fire-dancers, but this is something completely different. This is the fire itself dancing….enjoy.

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WPC: One Love


Summertime – I’m walking to work. Gardeners are watering early in the morning preparing for a scorching day, sprinklers jetting, hoses dribbling.

I’m deep in thought – mulling over life, the universe, and yes, love. The thoughts drift and coalesce into a certainty of my interconnection with all of life and a bone-deep feeling of love.

And I see, just ahead of me, the sprinkler patterns have crossed and skipped to form this brief message of universal agreement.

I laugh, cry and take a picture…

And then blog about it, of course.

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WPC: Seasons

This photo came to mind when I looked up this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Seasons….I recently made an unexpected visit to my family in Southern California. While walking on the beach on a foggy day I was struck by the quality of the muted sunlight on the water. I tried to capture it on my phone:


Seasonal fog in an otherwise sunny place leeched all the colors from the scene. I loved the moody peacefulness.

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WPC: Vibrant

Last year in Portugal I found a particular, somewhat peculiar public bathroom in Lisbon. I happened to need one at the time, so I decided to take a closer look. Outside much hype advertised it to be “the sexiest bathroom” or some such hyperbole. It was really a big, walk-in, usable ad for their products ~ and they even charged to get in. Crazy. Smart.

And, of course, I needed a bathroom at the time, so my curiosity and my bladder led my decision to check it out. I took photos, naturally. And this one popped out for today’s WPC: Vibrant.


As you can see, I awkwardly erased the logo and tagline for the advertiser so you can freely enjoy the colors. This adequate bathroom with a great (not pictured) sink met my needs…but sexy? Please.

Perhaps they were referring to the soft porn art on the walls? Why yes, I did take a picture of that too….however, I’ll wait for the WPC: Soft Porn to post that one. 😉

It was rather fun to pick a color, though….which would YOU chose?

Optimistic Face

Today’s WPC, Optimistic, immediately brings to mind my (terribly missed) dog. Or my daughter’s dog. Or really, any dog I’ve met.

Despite eating the same kibble for years, she was always excited about meals. This means she was also excited when I came home in the evening or got up in the morning. Cooking was always interesting because perhaps this time I’ll drop that steak before I cook it. Any outing might lead to a campout or hike in the woods, maybe even the beach, so this four-legged optimist was psyched for every car ride, every errand. Because fun will probably happen. Fun is imminent.


Shot through the window of my tent as I put on my hiking boots, Setta shows us the most optimistic face I’ve ever known. The photo quality may be terrible, but the spirit shining through the screen is crystal clear.

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In response to today’s WPC: Alphabet:

Add Fuel & Eime

I took this photo last year while on a street art tour in Lisbon. I fell in love with Add Fuel’s work ~ so detailed, beautiful, meaningful. Like so many great street art pieces, this one on a busy street was very challenging to photograph with my phone. One of these days I’m getting a grown-up camera.

Today I found this lovely video of their process:

(from the distant future)

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In response to today’s DPWC: Weight (less)

inside the Jerónimos Monastery in Belem, Portugal


The weight of stone, the weight of ages…I am awed at how humans can sculpt and craft something as heavy and bulky as stone into something airy and lofty!

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