Watercolor Weekend

I got inspired this weekend.


I’m pretty happy with it ~ so much still to learn, but I’m getting better at doing what I want with the paint.

Alhambra inspired. Heading to Spain in a few weeks and I’m ridiculously excited about it.



Back to Class

I’ll finally be back to my watercolor class tonight. It’s a good thing – I’ve been focused on travel and have neglected my own art. However, after the last assignment, I’m not surprised I took a break:




Watercolor class starts up again tonight. I cannot wait.

Sad to say I haven’t painted during the break, so I’m posting this one from an earlier class. I think it looks better in person, but that’s true for most things, eh?

Happy Monday.

NW Fishin’


This week’s assignment in watercolor class. In a perfect world I would spend my weekend painting it again. There are aspects I like about it, and there are bits I’d do differently.

But it was really fun to see Jupiter Ascending in 3d in an almost empty theater, so no, I didn’t paint much this weekend.

Maybe next weekend.